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We are a group of crazy geeks who are on a mission to make technology available at an affordable cost.

We Focus On Optimizing Solutions

We have found that the small and medium enterprises are devoid of cutting edge technologies like Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud technologies which are a must for any business to grow but have high costs associated with it. This gave us impetus to build solutions integrating trending technologies for Small & Medium Enterprises at a price they would love to spend.

Cloud everywhere

We are evangelizing our clients to move from on-premises to public/private cloud to reduce cost. Even we have gone to the extent of migrating existing large databases from proprietary to opensource.

Analytics is our forte

We believe business needs information at its finger tips and Mobile Apps is the only way to go. We have developed various utility Apps that aid in taking quick business descisions.


Our Services

We try to understand our clients problems deeply and offer solutions accordingly. We beleive in not reinventing the wheel for which we develop applications that are either too expensive and is not affordable or are very specific to the clients requirements.

AWS Migration

We help enterprises to leverage the agility and speed of cloud. We have successfully migrated large databases to Amazon Aurora. Though we have a deep understanding on Amazon AWS but we too have hands on experiences on Azure and Google cloud. We are now migrating some of our clients high traffic websites to completely serverless architecture.

App/Web Development

People love to access all information in the phone be it browsing or accessing business data realtime. Also the demand on the website to look alike Apps is increasing. For this reason we have made it a principle to use PWA while building websites or Apps powered by Firebase/CouchDB that makes Offline and Online indistinguishable.

Elastic POS

This is not a POS but a complete ERP in itself primarily targeted for small businesses. Configuring the application is our USP. Apart from the inventory, order and customer managent Elastic POS excels in its Analytics. The simple to use interface of our Analytics builder provides the flexibility to business houses to create their own report formats.



Paris Bakery

Area Manager

We are having more than 45+ stores across eastern India and we were facing a lot of issues in maintaining our IT. There were severe performance issues. We were adviced to move to Oracle ERP but it was too expensive for us at this time. Luckily these guys understood our problem and migrated all our software solutions to AWS. They too built a feature rich simple to use ERP specific to us. We are now concentrating only on growth of business.


Raj Group Of Hotels

Managing Director

We are having a chain of hotels and the softwares we were using from local vendors had very limited features. We contacted Nectech to offer an affordable solution. These guys are completely amazing. They listened to our problems, took their time and finally delivered solutions that exactly fit our requirements.


Food Plaza

General Manager

Our food court is one of the largest in east India. We approached Nectech for automation and employee productivity. Honestly we were not disappointed. They delivered more than what we had asked for. I am personally impressed by the simple employee engagement app which has boosted our productivity. I would recommend others to talk with the Nectechians once.

Our Skills

Keeping abreast with new technology is the new Mantra for success. We are very passionate on experimenting be it as simple as wordpress or as complex as SageMaker. We strictly adhere to programming standards and have a score of 11 in Joel Test.


Amazon Web Services


Vue.js & Angular.js

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